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The Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Care During a Recession

Introduction: During times of economic recession, individuals struggling with addiction face unique challenges in accessing and receiving appropriate care. However, outpatient addiction care programs offer a range of benefits that make them particularly valuable during these uncertain times. In this article, Dr. Julian Mitton  will explore the advantages of outpatient addiction care and why it […]

The Recession and Addiction Care: Challenges and Opportunities

Introduction: Economic recessions bring forth a multitude of challenges, not only for the financial landscape but also for individuals struggling with addiction. The impact of a recession can disrupt support systems, increase stress levels, and create barriers to accessing vital addiction care services. However, amidst these challenges lie opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and the strengthening […]

Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Innovative Strategies for Prevention and Treatment

Introduction The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis that affects every part of our society. From individuals and families to communities and states, the toll it takes on our nation is devastating. In 2017, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency—and in response, we’ve taken action to address this crisis from […]

6 Addiction Care Strategies to Help You Stay Sober During a Recession

Introduction: Maintaining sobriety during a recession can present unique challenges. Economic downturns can increase stress levels, disrupt routines, and limit access to support systems, potentially triggering relapse for individuals in recovery from addiction. However, with the right strategies and support, it is possible to navigate these difficulties and stay on the path of sobriety. In […]

Building Stronger Foundations: Supportive Communities for Addiction Rehabilitation

Introduction As a society, we have recognized the importance of supportive communities for helping individuals and families affected by addiction. Supportive communities provide a place where people in recovery can connect with others who understand what they are going through, feel less isolated and alone, and build connections to ongoing support as they work towards […]

A Modern Approach to Addiction Recovery: Exploring Digital Therapies

Introduction Addiction has always been a problem throughout history and across our nation, but it has become increasingly common in modern times. Say’s Dr. Julian Mitton, Traditional therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, 12-step programs and other methods have proven to be very helpful in treating addiction. However, there is another treatment option that may help those […]

Breaking the Chains: Overcoming Addiction through Holistic Rehabilitation

Introduction Addiction is a disease that causes your brain to crave and depend on certain substances or behaviors. It’s an illness that affects the entire person. For example, it can affect your mood and emotions as well as your physical health. Say’s Dr. Julian Mitton, addiction treatment programs have traditionally focused on addressing substance abuse […]

The Role of Medication-Assisted Treatment in Opioid Addiction Recovery

Introduction If you or a loved one is struggling with opioid addiction, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can help. MAT is a treatment approach that combines medications with counseling and behavioral therapy. It was developed to help people who have severe addictions or who have relapsed after drug rehab. Say’s Dr. Julian Mitton,there are several medications that […]

Overcoming Stigma: A Discussion on Addiction and Mental Health

Introduction Addiction is a complicated issue. It’s also misunderstood and stigmatized by large portions of the population. Addiction is often hidden from society, too; many people who struggle with addiction don’t want to share their struggles because they’re afraid that others view them as “weak” or “broken.” Say’s Dr. Julian Mitton, this stigma makes it […]